Himalayan Meditation & Healing

Do you wish to feel peaceful, healthy, happy, have clarity of thoughts and good relationships with those you love and care about?

In our highly connected and fast paced lives, we are constantly striving to accomplish many things with too little time to do it in. The environment we live in creates stress for us in many different ways. People often face challenges caused by their profession, their relationships with family members, friends and society; many times we face all of these challenges at once. As a result, we live with various degrees of mental stress, physical fatigue, and illnesses. When the stress becomes more than what our body and mind can handle, it starts to affect our health and has a domino effect on all aspects of our life. To correct this problem we need to find an effective way to manage these challenges and still achieve success with all that we do in our life. If all this sounds familiar to you, meditating regularly can help you greatly to deal successfully with these challenges.

Meditation has long been recognized as a very effective way to manage stress. Meditating regularly can enhance health, concentration, relationships with the others; improve clarity of thoughts and creativity, as well as our body’s internal healing powers. Meditating collectively in a group setting provides us with the emotional support while also benefitting from the positive energy radiated by each person in the group. These are just few of the benefits that we are able to experience from making meditation a part of our life.

Himalayan Meditation and Healing offers introductory meditation classes as well as one on one helaing sessions. Meditation helps practitioners achieve calmness, peace and tranquility through meditations. This meditation technique teaches to relax the body and mind while increasing positive outlook towards life, events and people who we interact with. It also helps us to experience higher energy level, feel more centered and improve the quality of sleep, resulting in a life that is much more fulfilling and rewarding. It enables us to get in touch with our inner self so that we are able to bring excellence to all that we do and live life to the fullest.

For those who suffer with chronic pain, abnormal blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, tumors, and mental health disorders, Sanjeevani healing has been very effective as a complementary therapy. Sanjeevani healing is a holistic therapy to increase positive healing vibrations in the physical and subtle bodies to improve health and quality of life. This hands-off, one on one healing technique connects you with the Universal healing energy that repairs the physical and subtle bodies. In addition to replenishing the organs and body parts with the healing energy, it can remove our past negative psychic impressions that cause various illnesses and negative traits in our life. This energy also works on the subtle body by increasing its positive vibrations, many times preventing diseases before they are realized in the physical body.

Sanjeevani healing sessions are offered by appointment only.